Empower teams to work better together

Move work forward with a team collaboration tool that connects your sales, support, and marketing departments.

More than a collaboration tool

Associate tasks with sales, marketing, or support initiatives and see the real impact of your work.

Connect multiple channels

Allow different teams to view the history of a contact’s interactions across multiple channels from one dashboard.

Easy to setup and integrate

Configure your account in minutes, import data from other tools, and integrate your favorite apps.

Align your teams with a simple team collaboration tool

Manage multiple teams and projects

Create dedicated views and unlimited projects for your virtual teams.

Boost productivity with workflows

Reduce wasted time by creating rules to automate time-consuming or repetitive tasks.

Provide context for each task

Link tasks to deals, meetings, campaigns, and tickets within Touchpoint to streamline team activities.

30-days free trial. All features included.
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Connect Touchpoint to your favorite apps

Integrate the tools your team already loves to use to coordinate, collaborate, and communicate.
MS Teams
Touchpoint lets you enhance team productivity by using this all-in-one communication app.
Improve team communication by sending project updates directly to your Slack channels.
Connect Touchpoint to Zapier to create no-code automations with thousands of tools.
Google Meet
Invite your team to high-quality video conferencing via Google Meet.
Keep internal documentation organized with Confluence’s team knowledge base tool.
Easily streamline enterprise communication with Zoom and Touchpoint.

Touchpoint for teams in numbers

Here is why you should start using team collaboration software today:
Over 30%
Teamwork is also very important for 37% of employees.
People who set common goals also feel less stressed and more productive at work.
These tasks could be automated with a dedicated task management tool.
30-days free trial. All features included.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Touchpoint Collaborate?

Touchpoint Collaborate is a team task management software that can help you set your team members up for success. We offer tools for task management, communication, and more, allowing you to improve collaboration across sales, support, and marketing departments.

You can save time by automating repetitive tasks, scheduling meetings, and delegating and prioritizing activities. Work more efficiently by integrating your favorite tools directly from the Touchpoint dashboard.

What sets Touchpoint Collaborate apart from other task management tools?

We designed this tool to help teams simplify their work processes, improve communication, and make time for the things that matter. Associate activities across all Touchpoint modules: sales, marketing, and support, and also track other types of activities, like team events, learning new skills, etc.

Touchpoint also offers secure cloud storage, access to fully transparent activity logs, and team performance reports. Sign up for a free trial to try all the product features and see if Touchpoint is right for you.

Can you help my team get started?

Getting started with Touchpoint Collaborate is easy. Fill out our short onboarding survey when you sign up. We will provide you with a custom starting view and workspace, with quick links to tutorials explaining every function.

If you have any questions while getting started, our support agents will be happy to help. Please use our contact form if you have any questions.

How much does Touchpoint Collaborate cost?

Access all Touchpoint features for only $39.90 per user per month. This plan gives you full access to the support, sales, marketing, and collaboration modules. Additional costs for calls, SMS, and enterprise email campaigns, as well as a complete breakdown of features, can be found on our pricing page.
Our subscription service is designed for teams of all sizes. You can try it out for free without the obligation to provide your credit card information.

What is a Kanban board, and why is it useful?

A Kanban board is a project management tool that makes it easy to visualize work. Cross-functional teams use it to improve teamwork and communication and to prioritize tasks and daily activities.

Kanban cards keep workflows organized by limiting unproductive processes.

The main elements of an online Kanban board are displayed on the main project status dashboard. They include columns, visual signals, assigned tasks, and commitment/delivery points.

With Touchpoint Collaborate, you can create visual Kanban boards to monitor performance and improve collaboration.

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