Turn customer interactions into revenue

Win customers for life, increase revenue, and optimize your sales process with a CRM that is simple to learn and use.

More than a sales software

Bring all your sales, marketing, and support activities together with Touchpoint’s all-in-one platform.

Connect multiple channels

Engage your customers on their preferred channels – text message, live chat, email, or phone.

Easy to setup and onboard

Configure your account in minutes, import data from other CRMs, and integrate your favorite tools.

Everything you need to close more deals

Discover and qualify leads

Always know where your prospects are along the sales funnel and reach out to them with targeted campaigns.

Increase your customer lifetime value

Push more deals past the finish line, encourage repeat purchases and reduce churn by providing support and marketing after a deal closes.

Manage all interactions from inside the CRM

Touchpoint Sell connects with the Serve, Collaborate and Promote modules, making it easy for teams to work together without switching between multiple tools.

30-days free trial. All features included.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Hundreds of no-code integrations to help you focus on increasing your revenue:
Schedule meetings directly from your sales dashboard by connecting to Zoom.
MS Teams
Connect MS Teams to Touchpoint Sell to schedule calls or meetings with prospects.
Google Meet
Add Google meetings to your calendar without needing to alt-tab with our simple integration.
Start more conversations with qualified leads by adding live chat to your WordPress site.
Connect Touchpoint to any app via Zapier for quick, no-code automations.
Identify more qualified leads with the help of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

Touchpoint for sales teams in numbers

Here’s how businesses like yours are succeeding with deal management tools:
of companies say a CRM system gives them improved access to customer data.
is the average ROI on sales CRM software for each dollar spent.
of businesses claim CRMs play a crucial role in them achieving their sales goals.
30-days free trial. All features included.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Touchpoint Sell?

Touchpoint Sell is our connected sales CRM. “Connected” is the word that best describes our platform because it synchronizes with our Sell, Promote, and Collaborate modules to help you better manage the customer journey.

Our leads and sales automation software can help you manage deals, communicate with customers and collaborate with your team.

To optimize the deal-closing process, team members can submit internal notes or assign tasks to specific colleagues. They can also upload and share files or access full user activity logs.

What’s the difference between Touchpoint Sell and other sales tools?

Touchpoint makes it easy to keep customers happy, even after a deal closes. We do not believe in the linear approach of sales funnels. Consumer habits have changed, and our goal is to create an ecosystem that provides real value and encourages customers to keep engaging your company. That is why our platform connects all departments – support, sales, and marketing – that contribute to the buying decision.

With Touchpoint, you can move deals along your sales pipeline faster without worrying about manual, time-consuming CRM tasks. All information is available in one place.

Also, you can track the creation and evolution of a specific deal, see how team members contributed to it, and check out which channels clients prefer to communicate with your brand.

The platform records every client interaction, even missed calls or texts and every deal is assigned a status according to its progress.

What advantages can Touchpoint Sell bring to my business?

Touchpoint Sell offers a comprehensive view of the buyer’s journey. It is easy to set up and deploy, can be used by your entire team, and seamlessly integrates with our other modules (Promote, Serve, and Collaborate) and third-party tools.

What is a sales pipeline, and how do I build one?

A sales pipeline is a visual representation of where your clients are in the purchasing process. The sales pipeline includes the various stages of the buyer’s journey and is usually represented using a horizontal bar.

The first step in building a sales pipeline is identifying your company’s sales cycles. After achieving that, you establish where your prospects are along the sales funnel and can initiate appropriately targeted campaigns.

Touchpoint Sell has five default stages: “Lead in,” “Contact made,” “Proposal made,” “Negotiations started,” and the “Final Stage.” You can change, delete, or even add stages to reflect your customers’ buying journey.

Does Touchpoint allow multiple people to collaborate on a deal?

Yes, other team members can visualize and collaborate on the same deals. They can add new pipeline stages, edit the main pipeline, and sort deals according to pipeline stage, assignee, close date, etc.

Sales agents can use the software to communicate with colleagues, upload and view files, set reminders, and assign tasks and tickets.

Does Touchpoint offer other features that can help scale my business?

Touchpoint offers extensive features and modules, all of which can be accessed through a straightforward dashboard:

  • Touchpoint Promote: email and SMS campaign builder.
  • Touchpoint Sell: connected sales CRM.
  • Touchpoint Serve: omnichannel customer support platform.
  • Touchpoint Collaborate: task management and team collaboration software.

You can use all these capabilities in sync to provide more context to your customer interactions.

What is a sales CRM and how can it help my business?

A sales CRM helps you manage your interactions with clients and improve your sales process by engaging prospects at every stage.

It helps businesses get more qualified leads from more channels, identify new sales opportunities, improve customer engagement, and manage marketing campaigns more effectively.

How much does Touchpoint Sell cost?

Access all Touchpoint features for only $39.90 per user per month. This plan gives you full access to the Support, Sales, Marketing, and Collaboration modules. Additional costs for calls, SMS, and enterprise email campaigns, as well as a complete breakdown of the features, can be found on our pricing page.

Our subscription service is designed for teams of any size. You can try it out for free, with no obligation to provide your credit card information.

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