Customer service made easy

Scale at your own pace with a lightweight, AI-powered platform that delights customers and elevates support teams.

Engage customers across multiple touchpoints

Unify every step of the customer journey, from consideration to support, with a powerful CRM designed for medium and small businesses.

Save big with a single Touchpoint subscription

The Touchpoint Suite replaces a bunch of apps so you can focus on growing your business without getting overwhelmed.

30-days free trial. All features included.

Simple to setup and adopt

Get started with our customer success software in three easy steps.

Import data

Upload your contacts and leads with unlimited custom fields using spreadsheets or simply from other apps.

Invite team members

Share invite links, add members one by one or in bulk, and secure your workspace with SSO.

Connect favourite apps

Personalize your workspace, connect your favorite apps, and sync data directly from the Touchpoint dashboard.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Touchpoint?

Wikipedia defines a touchpoint as the means by which a consumer can interact with a business, whether person-to-person, through a website, an app, or any form of communication like SMS, emails, voice calls, and messaging apps.

Touchpoint is a SaaS customer engagement platform that enables businesses to connect with their leads, prospects, and clients at every stage of their journey. Our unified platform provides multi-channel communication via email, SMS, live chat, or voice calls. Touchpoint is the only software you need to promote your service or product, close deals, handle customer support requests, collaborate with your team, and share files across departments. 

Can I migrate my data to Touchpoint?

Our customer relationship management platform offers integrations with many popular tools. This means you can migrate your data with a few clicks. You can also import contact data from spreadsheets, via bulk import, or one-by-one. 

What sets Touchpoint apart from other CRM systems?

Most businesses use multiple tools to manage the customer’s journey: a tool for support, another for marketing, etc. This makes it difficult to synchronize client data or achieve a complete overview of marketing, sales, and support activities. We provide the tools your business needs to succeed in a straightforward dashboard.

Touchpoint is super easy to set up and launch. Import your contacts, personalize your workspace, and follow the step-by-step guides to get started.

We are among the few CRM software that offer native SMS support. Our flagship product, TextMagic, is a leader in the business texting industry, with over 20 years of experience in the market.

Is Touchpoint right for me?

If you are a small to medium-sized business and you agree with any of the following statements, then Touchpoint is the right solution for you:

  • You want to improve customer loyalty with an omnichannel platform,
  • You want to streamline the technologies used to handle your sales and support pipelines,
  • You’ve tried other CRM platforms in the past but found them too complicated,
  • You want to manage all your customer interactions from one dashboard,
  • You want your team to adopt a new CRM technology effortlessly,
  • You want to improve collaboration between departments and achieve more transparency,
  • You want a customer engagement tool that will grow and develop according to your needs.
How complex will the setup and maintenance of Touchpoint be?

Touchpoint is a fully self-service tool. It’s super easy to get started and implement all of Touchpoint’s capabilities, even if you have no previous experience with similar tools.

We provide step-by-step tutorials, video guides, and a set-up wizard to help you get started with each module. Integrations will be configurable directly from the Touchpoint interface, without the need to code anything. If you have any trouble getting started, you can also reach out to our support team for platform training. We’re more than happy to help!

Is Touchpoint going to be actively developed with my feedback?

Our team will be actively developing Touchpoint after its initial release. We will only develop features that are truly useful to our customer base. User experience is very important to us, so we encourage you to submit every relevant aspect of your interaction with our product.

Does Touchpoint integrate with my other tools?

Yes, at launch, Touchpoint will have no-code integrations available through Zapier. Over time, we will add direct integrations for the most popular tools.

Our users are the first to have a say in which integrations will be developed and implemented. Sign up for a Touchpoint from the start and be part of our growth story!

Is Touchpoint secure?

Security is a top priority for us. High-level security measures are implemented at both organizational and technical levels to safeguard your data on the Touchpoint platform and provide highly reliable service.

Our Information Security Program follows the criteria set forth by the SOC 2 Framework. We perform regular external security penetration tests at least annually using certified vendors.

Our organization undergoes independent third-party assessments to test our security and compliance controls.

How much does Touchpoint cost?

Access all Touchpoint features for only $39.90 per user per month. This plan gives you full access to the support, sales, marketing, and collaboration modules.

Additional costs for calls, SMS, and enterprise email campaigns, as well as a complete breakdown of features, can be found on our pricing page.

Our subscription service is designed for teams of all sizes, and our free trial gives you access to all the platform features with no obligation to provide your credit card information.

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