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Here’s what’s included:

  • All features
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited tickets, live chats, calls
  • 1 phone number per workspace
  • 1000 call minutes per month

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  • Offer availability: 1 year
  • Early adopters limit: 200 users
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Why choose Touchpoint?

Hint: Your team has everything they need in one place, AI helps with the boring stuff and you have all the tools you need to lead with confidence.

Centralized support

It’s easy when your team has everything in one place. Collaborate internally and manage interactions from a single, intuitive dashboard.

AI for the “business as usual”

Automate customer support operations. Let AI handle routine tasks while your team delivers the best customer experience.

Goals and team performance

More data, less guesswork. Use feedback surveys, dashboards, and powerful reporting to drive your team forward.

All features overview

All these features, and more, with the Touchpoint subscription:
Engage with your customers on their favorite communication channels.
Use multiple email addresses or connect your existing support and sales inboxes to Touchpoint.
Live chat
Offer non-stop customer support by adding a live chat widget to your website.
Make and receive calls with dedicated local numbers or by connecting your existing business number.
Text (coming soon)
Send and receive texts from customers. Use a virtual number or sender ID to send branded texts to your audience.
Delight your customers with conversational support.
Promptly resolve customer inquiries using our intuitive ticketing system.
Contact management
Manage all your contacts from one place and assign them to relevant lists or segments.
Have a 360° view of customer communications and interactions across all channels.
Workflows (coming soon)
Automate support with ticketing workflows and escalation rules for your team.
Satisfaction surveys
Turn every customer interaction into relevant insights with satisfaction surveys.
Artificial intelligence
All the smart features your team needs to perform better are pre-built into the platform.
Move work forward with our intuitive team collaboration tool.
Teams and Roles
Define custom teams and roles. Set up user permissions based on your needs.
Tasks (coming soon)
Manage simple tasks or complex projects from one dashboard.
Internal notes
Connect the dots with internal notes and receive notifications when someone mentions you.
Subscribe to receive email notifications for important changes or updates.
Even more features to help you streamline business processes.
Data import
Import your data from your existing apps, spreadsheets, or manually.
Add additional data fields for contacts, deals, or tickets and create custom views.
Monitor key metrics and behavioral patterns to improve your processes.
Stay secure with encrypted communication, 2FA, and audit logs.
Integrations (coming soon)
Use our powerful API or Zapier to set up custom integrations and automations.
Need help? Reach out via live chat, email, phone, or check our help center for step-by-step tutorials.

Frequently asked questions

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What is Touchpoint?

Touchpoint is a lightweight customer service platform catering to the needs of small and medium businesses. By leveraging the power of automation and AI, Touchpoint enhances the efficiency of customer support operations, granting a holistic perspective of customer interactions across various communication channels. 

Notably, its transparent pricing and user-friendly interface work harmoniously to facilitate the seamless delivery of exceptional customer experiences. 

It’s a tool designed to empower businesses, simplifying the complexities of customer service, while keeping the focus on fostering genuine connections with customers.

What is included in the free beta offer? Are there any limitations?

The free beta includes the following:


  • The current and future Touchpoint features that will be added by the end of 2024
  • An unlimited amount of users and teams in the workspace
  • Unlimited live chats, support tickets and emails, contacts, lists, segments


The free beta has the following limits:


  • One phone number per workspace for inbound and outbound calls* 
  • 1000 call minutes (inbound and outbound for local numbers)


*available in Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia. Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania. Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Are there any additional costs related to the beta offer?

You will only incur additional costs if you need more than one phone number on the Touchpoint platform or exceed 1,000 call minutes per month per workspace.

What do I need to do if I need to use more than one phone number or more than 1,000 call minutes per workspace?

Please contact us, and we will make a proposal based on your volume.

Can I cancel the beta subscription?

The beta subscription can be canceled at any time with no obligations.

What type of support does Touchpoint offer?

You can contact our support team via email, call, or live chat. You can also use the form available on our contact page.

We also encourage you to use our Help Center and comprehensive in-app help, where your question may have already been answered.

What will the service prices be after 2024 for the free beta users?

We are in the process of defining the specific pricing tiers for our services. Our commitment to fair usage-based pricing means you can expect a base fee for the workspace along with pricing based on your usage, particularly for handling support requests.

Do I need a credit card to subscribe to the beta?

No. Just sign up and start using your workspace within 1 minute.

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