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How many team members will be using Touchpoint?
Starter Suite
Up to 5 users
Best for individuals and small teams that need an all-in-one solution
$ 99.00
user / month
All features included
  • Touchpoint Promote
    Touchpoint Promote includes:
    • Email and SMS campaigns
    • A/B tests
    • Ready-made templates
    • Automations
    • Campaign analytics
    , Sell
    Touchpoint Sell includes:
    • Multiple pipelines
    • Deals management
    • Sales goals tracking
    • Visitor tracking
    , Serve
    Touchpoint Serve includes:
    • Ticketing system
    • Live chat widget
    • Contact management
    • Workflows
    • Canned responses
    • Satisfaction surveys
    , Collaborate
    Touchpoint Collaborate includes:
    • Teams and roles management
    • Tasks and project management
    • Team goals tracking
    • Reminders
    • Calendar
    • Shared file storage
  • Up to 100 workflows
  • API access
  • Customer support via call, email and live-chat
Included per user:
1,000 emails
$2 per additional
1,000 emails
Text messages
100 texts
$4 per additional
100 texts
Outbound calls
60 min
$3 per additional
60 minutes
Inbound calls
60 min
$2 per additional
60 minutes
Business Suite
For 6-50 users
Perfect for companies with multiple teams and projects.
$ 89.00
user / month
All from Starter Suite, plus:
  • Up to 300 workflows
  • Data center location selection
  • 3 dedicated IP adderesses
  • Custom period of audit log retention
Included per user:
1,000 emails
$2 per additional
1,000 emails
Text messages
100 texts
$4 per additional
100 texts
Outbound calls
60 min
$3 per additional
60 minutes
Inbound calls
60 min
$2 per additional
60 minutes
Enterprise Suite
For 50+ users
Recommended for enterprises looking to scale their operations
Let’s talk
custom solutions available
All from Business Suite, plus:
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Custom integrations
  • Payment by invoice
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No hidden costs

You pay per user and metered services. All the prices are transparent.

All features included

Immediate access to all product features – no exceptions.

Money-back guarantee

Benefit from a 30-day refund policy in case things don’t work out.

All features included in one plan

All these features, and more, with the Touchpoint subscription:
Engage with your customers on their favorite communication channels.
Use multiple email addresses or connect your existing support and sales inboxes to Touchpoint.
Send and receive texts from customers. Use a virtual number or sender ID to send branded texts to your audience.
Make and receive calls with dedicated local numbers or by connecting your existing business number.
Live chat
Offer non-stop customer support by adding a live chat widget to your website.
Email and text marketing campaigns that generate leads.
Easily create and customize SMS and email campaigns.
A/B tests
Test text or design variations for your campaigns in real-time.
Choose from over 1000 high-quality email and SMS templates.
Power your growth strategy with automations built to scale.
Turn conversations into revenue with Touchpoint.
Convert high-quality leads with a detailed view of your customer’s journey.
Zoom in on every deal and use specific insights and actions to convert faster.
Set actionable goals for your sales team and track progress every step of the way.
Visitor tracking
Start automated sales activities based on customer interactions with your website.
Delight your customers with conversational support.
Promptly resolve customer inquiries using our intuitive ticketing system.
Contact management
Manage all your contacts from one place and assign them to relevant lists or segments.
Have a 360° view of customer communications and interactions across all channels.
Automate support with ticketing workflows and escalation rules for your team.
Canned responses
Increase team productivity with automated responses for common questions.
Satisfaction surveys
Turn every customer interaction into relevant insights with satisfaction surveys.
Move work forward with our intuitive team collaboration tool.
Teams and Roles
Define custom teams and roles. Set up user permissions based on your needs.
Manage simple tasks or complex projects from one dashboard.
Set, track, and adjust goals to optimize your team’s performance.
Never miss an important event or meeting again.
Organize all your activities in a single calendar view.
Shared file storage
A simple shared file repository that you can share with your entire team.
Even more features to help you streamline business processes.
Data import
Import your data from your existing apps, spreadsheets, or manually.
Add additional data fields for contacts, deals, or tickets and create custom views.
Monitor key metrics and behavioral patterns to improve your processes.
Stay secure with encrypted communication, 2FA, SSO, and audit logs.
Use our powerful API or Zapier to set up custom integrations and automations.
Need help? Reach out via live chat, email, phone, or check our help center for step-by-step tutorials.

Save big with a single Touchpoint subscription

The Touchpoint Suite replaces a bunch of apps so you can focus on growing your business without getting overwhelmed.

Try Touchpoint Suite
For just $89 user/month
30-days free trial. All features included.

Frequently asked questions

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What is Touchpoint?

Wikipedia defines a touchpoint as the means by which a consumer can interact with a business, whether person-to-person, through a website, an app, or any form of communication like SMS, emails, voice calls, and messaging apps.

Touchpoint is a SaaS customer engagement platform that enables businesses to engage with their leads, prospects, and clients at every stage of their journey. We offer a unified dashboard that provides multi-channel communication via email, SMS, live chat, or voice calls.

Touchpoint is the only software you need to promote your service or product, close deals, handle customer support requests, collaborate with your team, and share files across departments.

What is included in the free trial?

We want to make sure you are delighted with Touchpoint before subscribing. The 30-day free trial provides complete access to all Touchpoint features. No credit card details are required, and you can send up to 100 emails.

We also provide $1.00 SMS or calling credit and a free, dedicated number (only in the USA and Canada) for one month.

How much will I pay for the Touchpoint suite?

Access all Touchpoint features for only $99 per user per month for teams of up to five users and $89 per month for teams of six to fifty users. An active user is any member of your Touchpoint team with access to your workspace.

We charge additional usage fees based on the number of texts, emails, and calls you use. For example, when an agent sends over 1000 email messages, a $2 fee will apply towards the next 1000 emails.

Monthly plans include your first virtual number. You may purchase additional dedicated inbound numbers, for which additional fees will be assessed. These fees will be charged on a recurring monthly basis, and fall due on the date of your original purchase.

Which payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we support payments made with Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What is the billing cycle?

Charges are incurred monthly, always on the same day of the month as your original purchase. At the moment, we only provide monthly billing, however, yearly payment plans with additional discounts will be available soon.

To complete your onboarding, make a prepayment for your subscription services. For metered services, we will provide you with $50 credit per month, per user. We will charge for these metered services on the next monthly billing cycle.

What happens when I need to use more metered services than my credit allows?

In the billing section, you can load additional credit for spending.

Can I use unused emails next month?

Unfortunately, no. The plan includes 1000 monthly emails per seat and unused emails do not roll over to the next month.

Do you offer special plans or discounts for enterprise users?

We have enterprise-level security and a system that provides for future growth to meet all your needs today and tomorrow. For enterprise customers, we will provide a volume-based discount, extended SLA, and a dedicated account manager.

For more information, please contact us.

What type of support does Touchpoint offer?

You can contact our support team via email, call, or live chat. You can also use the form available on our contact page.

We also encourage you to use our comprehensive in-app help, where your question may have already been answered.

How is my credit card data secure?

Touchpoint does not store credit or debit card details on its website. All payment data is securely stored by a third-party PCI-compliant payment gateway.

Will I be charged VAT?
  • UK customers – All customers from the UK will be charged VAT 20%.
  • EU customers – To avoid paying VAT, you need to enter your company’s registered VAT number on your Account page. Once entered, you will no longer be charged VAT.
  • Customers outside EU & UK – Customers outside the EU & UK will not be charged VAT.
How can I cancel my subscription?

There is no minimum contract for Touchpoint. To cancel or change your subscription, navigate to the admin section of your account (by clicking the wheel next to your profile), then click on “Manage” under the billing section.

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