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How to identify customer touchpoints

25 Customer touchpoints: How to identify them and why they’re important

This article will teach you how to identify the most important customer touchpoints and make the most of their lead-nurturing potential.
Customer lifetime value formula

Customer lifetime value (CLV): 3 ways to calculate & measure it

Which CLV formula best applies to your business? Learn about the advantages and limitations of the CLV calculation models.
Customer engagement strategy

Create a profitable customer engagement strategy in 6 simple steps

Discover how to craft a customer engagement strategy that takes customer interactions to the next level.
The 7 sales pipeline stages

From prospects to profits: Mastering the 7 sales pipeline stages

Lost deals are a thing of the past. Learn how to optimize your sales processes by leveraging the 7 stages of the sales pipeline.
Customer segments

How to unlock growth opportunities: Leveraging customer segments in 2023

Learn how to use customer segmentation to your advantage in your marketing and sales efforts.
ChatGPT prompts for business

100+ useful ChatGPT prompts for business, marketing, sales & collaboration

A collection of 100+ tried-and-tested ChatGPT prompts for small business, marketing, sales, collaboration, and more.

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