Be there for your clients. On any channel, anytime.

Let your customers choose the channel while your team provides the solution. Communication just got a lot easier.

Supercharge customer support with our omnichannel platform

Provide assistance anywhere

Be where your customers are. Engage customers seamlessly across their preferred communication channels.

Make support more efficient

Save time and resources by centralizing all your customer communications to one place – our dedicated dashboard!

Draw knowledge from data

Leverage the wealth of data the Touchpoint platform supplies & grow your business by making informed decisions.

Why choose Touchpoint?

Hint: Your team has everything they need in one place, AI helps with the boring stuff, and you pay only for what you use.

Centralized support

It’s easy when your team has everything in one place. Collaborate internally and manage interactions from a single, intuitive dashboard.

AI for the “business as usual”

Automate customer support operations. Let AI handle routine tasks while your team delivers the best customer experience.

Pay for what you use

Stop paying subscriptions to products you don’t use. With our pay-per-use model, you only spend money on what you utilize.

Frequently asked questions

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What is an omnichannel customer service software?

An omnichannel service software ensures client-company communication on multiple channels, including mobile, email, etc.

The omnichannel approach includes direct and indirect communication and aims to optimize client experience at every customer touchpoint. With Touchpoint’s omnichannel solutions, clients can choose how and when they want to interact with your company via digital channels.

How can I connect my business number?

You must first purchase a virtual phone number from us and configure call forwarding for your business number. All incoming calls and communications appear in the Touchpoint dashboard.

How can I get started with my virtual call center?

We provide several “getting started” steps for when you first set up your workspace. This tutorial also teaches you how to connect your business or dedicated number to get your call center up and running.

Which customization options do I have for the live chat widget?

You have complete control over the design and functionality of your live chat widget. You can:

  • Select colors;
  • Add your logo, slogan, and display name;
  • Set opening hours;
  • Define greeting messages;
  • Add a pre-chat form with custom fields;
  • Define available communication channels (email, callback, phone call, send a text);
  • Define the pages where you want the widget to appear; and
  • Customize feedback survey questions and answer options.
How easy is it to install the live chat widget on my website?

Set up your direct line of communication with clients in a few minutes. You can embed the support widget on your website or place it on multiple websites at no additional charge.

Can I use my existing business email address?

Yes, you can use your existing business email address to respond directly via Touchpoint by integrating it via our third-party integration. If you don’t have a business email address, you can create one from scratch in Touchpoint.

How can I connect my email address?

It’s easy to connect and share your email inbox.

For support emails, navigate to Settings → Tickets → Channels and click on “Connect new inbox.”

You can connect an existing inbox (Gmail, Microsoft, etc.) or create a new Touchpoint inbox.
You must set up email forwarding for existing inboxes from your email client.

Follow the steps in your dashboard to check the inbound and outbound capabilities for your email and start receiving emails.

What is a company-shared inbox?

A shared inbox is an organizational space where you can see, categorize, and sort conversations. A shared inbox can have multiple channels such as email, Facebook, or SMS, feeding into it. This inbox is shared among your support team members, ensuring that everyone can access and respond to customer communications from a single location.

How is it different from a regular inbox?

With the Touchpoint-managed shared inbox, incoming messages can be automatically assigned or routed to specific team members or support agents based on various criteria, such as the type of inquiry, workload, or customer segments. Team members can collaborate on resolving customer issues. They can leave internal notes, assign tasks, and share information about the customer’s history or previous interactions to provide a more personalized and efficient response.

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