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call center scripts - Touchpoint

58 Call center scripts to help you deliver outstanding customer service

When it comes to customer service, every interaction counts. Customers want to feel heard, understood, and valued, which is why call center scripts play a crucial role in providing above-average…

Types of customer satisfaction surveys

8 Types of customer satisfaction surveys with templates

Customer satisfaction surveys are powerful tools for collecting feedback and building better customer experiences. Find out what types of surveys to run and how.

How to ask customers for feedback the right way: 8 tips with examples

Asking customers for feedback might be challenging. In this article, we will describe how to ask for customer feedback and give examples of questions you can use to get customer input.

First contact resolution rate: What it is, and why it matters

First contact resolution rate is a great indicator for customer support efficiency. Find out how to measure and improve it from our guide.

10 Best customer service books to read in 2023

While many companies invest heavily in extensive employee training programs to boost their customer service skills, a cost-effective alternative is equally effective: reading books on the subject.

Customer service phrases: 10 to use and 6 to avoid in 2023

Powerful customer service phrases can help you improve client interactions and ensure that your customers feel like they can always rely on your services. The phrases we included convey empathy,…

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