Connect with customers on their preferred channels

Exceed customer expectations and empower your team with our multi-channel communication platform.

More than a communication tool

Bring your sales, marketing, and support activities together under one collaborative dashboard.

Built to scale with your needs

Use our robust workflows, integrations, and tool associations to communicate faster and at scale.

Easy to setup and integrate

Configure your account in minutes, import data from other CRMs, and integrate your favorite tools.

Build a single customer view

Call, email, meet, or text from one intuitive dashboard.

Assist clients or partners
at critical moments with SMS

Deliver time-sensitive messages and have 1:1 conversations with your customers, employees, and partners via text.
Reply to questions instantly

Configure automatic responders and rules for processing common support questions.

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Follow up with your prospects

Automate meeting reminders, follow-ups, or confirmations directly from our connected CRM.

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Run text marketing campaigns

Create, test, and schedule text marketing campaigns in seconds with Touchpoint.

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Promote, sell, and
support with shared inboxes

Connect multiple inboxes to your Touchpoint account and assign different teams to handle all your support, marketing, or sales initiatives.
All your deals under one shared inbox

Give your team access to your business inbox to collaborate and close more deals.

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Scale your email marketing campaigns

Launch one-off or drip email campaigns in seconds with our intuitive campaign builder.

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Turn incoming emails into support tickets

Never miss a support request by forwarding emails to your support team.

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Be there for your customers

Whether responding to sales inquiries or offering support, live chat makes it easy to engage in meaningful conversations at every step of the customer’s journey.
Customize your chat widget

Choose where and when you want the live chat widget to appear and capture more leads for your business.

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Create automated conversation flows

Respond to customer inquiries with automated conversation flows or canned replies to sell more or support in real-time.

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Give customers multiple contact options

Make it easy for your customers to reach out by giving them the option to be contacted via SMS, email, or phone.

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Make every call a great experience
for your customers

Communicate with customers anywhere in the world with our virtual call center. Empower your support and sales teams with predictive dialing, call recording, custom greetings, and more.
Dial leads and prospects without tabbing out

Use the quick menu to make calls or take incoming ones from a single, powerful dashboard.

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Route incoming support calls to the right agent

Streamline your support processes by automatically assigning support calls to available agents.

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Set call reminders to improve productivity

Set manual or automated reminders for your team and never miss an upcoming call.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Touchpoint Connect?

Touchpoint Connect is a multi-channel client communication platform that helps businesses like yours bring their sales, marketing, collaboration, and support activities under a single dashboard.

Our flexible platform makes connecting channels such as SMS, email, and live chat under one roof a breeze. With Touchpoint, you and your team can view the complete history of a customer’s interactions across multiple devices and use contextual data to provide better experiences

What does multi-channel mean?

As the name suggests, multi-channel communication tools allow you to communicate with customers and partners via multiple channels, like email or SMS.

The multi-channel approach includes direct and indirect communication and aims to optimize client experience at every customer touchpoint. With Touchpoint’s multi-channel solutions, clients can choose how and when they want to interact with your company via digital channels.

How can I connect my business number?

You must first purchase a virtual phone number from us and configure call forwarding for your business number. All incoming calls and communications will appear in the Touchpoint dashboard.

How can I connect my email?

There are multiple ways to connect and share your email inbox.

  • For support emails, navigate to Settings → Tickets, and click “Connect new inbox.”
    • You can connect an existing inbox (Gmail, Microsoft, etc.) or create a new Touchpoint inbox.
    • You must set up email forwarding for existing inboxes from your email client.
    • Follow the steps in your dashboard to check Inbound and Outbound capabilities for your email and start receiving emails.
  • For email campaigns: Navigate to Settings → Campaigns and click on Domain & senders, under the Channels tab.
    • If you are using your site’s Domain to send emails (e.g.,, you must verify the Domainfirst by following the instructions.
    • Once the Domain is verified, navigate to Senders and click on New Sender. Choose your Sender Sendername, Sender email, and if you want this info to populate your email campaigns by default.
    • You can swap between senders at any point during campaign creation.
Does live chat include chatbot functionality?

Our platform is customer-centric. We do not support chatbots because we believe that customers prefer to talk to humans. Multiple studies have shown that consumers don’t like talking to robots, especially when they have a problem. At least 60% of respondents said they would wait in a queue to talk to a human agent, while 59% of customers globally feel that brands have lost their touch and are no longer creating great customer experiences.

This doesn’t mean that you need to respond to every inquiry manually. You can improve customer service agent efficiency by preparing canned responses that you can quickly customize to fit any interaction.

Touchpoint also allows you to configure automatic responses for out-of-hours messages and gives customers the ability to email and call. There will always be another human at the other end of the line.

Which customization options do I have in livechat?

You have complete control over the design and functionality of your live chat widget. You can:

  • Select colors;
  • Add your logo, slogan, and display name;
  • Set opening hours;
  • Define greeting messages;
  • Add a pre-chat form with custom fields;
  • Define available communication channels (email, callback, phone call, send a text);
  • Define the pages where you want the widget to appear;
  • Customize feedback survey questions and answer options.
How easy is it to install the live chat widget on my website?

You can set up your live chat widget in under three minutes. After customizing it, copy-paste the widget code to your website. We have created plugins and step-by-step instructions for the most commonly used CMS and eCommerce platforms, including WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Shopify, etc.

How can I get started with my virtual call center?

We provide several “getting started” steps for when you first set up your workspace. This tutorial will also teach you how to connect your business or dedicated number to get your call center up and running.

If you want to customize or update your call center settings, navigate to Settings → Calls & Texting. Here you can choose Numbers and assign them to different teams. You can select one of the available numbers whenever you make a call.

You can also configure your routing, IVR (interactive virtual responses), and greetings for incoming calls from the same dashboard.

Does Touchpoint offer other features that can help scale my business?

Touchpoint offers extensive features and modules, all in a straightforward dashboard:

Touchpoint Promote: email and SMS campaign builder.
Touchpoint Sell: connected sales CRM.
Touchpoint Serve: customer support platform.
Touchpoint Collaborate: task management and team collaboration software.

You can use all these capabilities in sync to provide more context to customer interactions.

How much does Touchpoint cost?

Access all Touchpoint features for only $39.90 per user per month. This plan gives you full access to the support, sales, marketing, and collaboration modules. Additional costs for calls, SMS, and enterprise email campaigns, as well as a complete breakdown of features, can be found on our pricing page.

Our subscription service is designed for teams of any size. You can try it out for free without the obligation to provide your credit card information.

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